GulfStream Construction

Conventional Construction

Featured in these travel trailer brands:

Ameri-Lite, Conquest, Conquest Lite, Innsbruck, Innsbruck Lite, Kingsport, Track & Trail.

Yes, it’s a lot like the construction in the house you live in – But it’s different in several essential ways.  by combining time-honored materials like wood studs, fiberglass insulation, and aluminum siding, with Uni-Body technology and weight-saving materials we build a remarkably strong yet lightweight travel trailer that not only gives you all the comforts of home, but goes anywhere you want to go as you explore the highways and byways of North America.

Click the diagram to see how Gulf Stream Coach “conventional construction” is better for you and your family.



Laminated Wall Construction

Featured in these travel trailer brands:

GEO, Gulf Breeze Champagne & Ultra Lite, Matrix, Northern Express,
Streamlite Champagne & Ultra Lite, Vintage Cruiser, and Vista Cruiser

Working in our own wall-manufacturing facility, Gulf Stream Coach combines gleaming fiberglass, a light yet resilient welded aluminum frame, rigid closed-cell polyfoam insulation, and various inner and outer structural layers with sophisticated heat-resistant adhesives.  These layers are then vacuum-bonded into incredibly light, rigid laminated panels that can be used for walls, floors, and ceilings.

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Motor Homes “Built A Better Way”

Featured in these motor home brands:

BT Cruiser, Conquest Class C

Gulf Stream Coach augments motor home chassis with its Cradle of Strength® construction, and uses sixteen additional construction and technological enhancements to give you and your family a motor home that is more stable, more reliable, stronger, and safer.  Simply put, we build a better way.

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